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What's the Best Cruise Line for Couples?

Going on a cruise is the perfect way for couples to enjoy a romantic getaway. But how do you decide which cruise line is best for you and your significant other? To help make your decision easier, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of five of the most popular cruise lines available today: Royal Caribbean, Virgin Voyage, Celebrity, Princess, and Norwegian.

Royal Caribbean

Pros: Royal Caribbean boasts some of the most impressive ships in the industry, with plenty of amenities like rock climbing walls, ice skating rinks and FlowRider surf simulators. There are also plenty of dining and entertainment options available onboard each ship. Cons: While there are lots of activities designed for couples, such as spas, comedy shows and karaoke nights, some of their ships can be quite crowded during peak seasons.

Virgin Voyages Pros: Virgin Voyages offers an adults-only atmosphere on their ships—making them ideal for couples looking to escape from screaming kids! There are also plenty of luxurious perks like gourmet dining experiences, private beach clubs and spa days at sea. Cons: Since these cruises are relatively new to the market (they launched in 2020), travelers won’t find many sailings that go beyond seven days in duration.

Celebrity Cruises

Pros: Celebrity Cruises has something special for every kind of couple; from romantic dinners at specialty restaurants to thrilling excursions ashore. Plus their top-notch accommodations are perfect for those who want to really indulge themselves!

Cons: While Celebrity Cruises may be popular among luxury travelers, it might not fit into everyone’s budget depending on how much they’re willing to spend on their vacation.

Princess Cruises Pros: Princess Cruises offers reasonable prices that won’t break the bank while still providing quality service onboard its ships. Plus they offer tons of shore excursions so couples can explore new destinations together!

Cons: With larger ships comes more people—which means there can sometimes be long wait times at popular restaurants or attractions onboard certain sailings.

Norwegian Cruise Line Pros: Norwegian Cruise Line offers affordable prices that allow more couples to experience cruising without breaking the bank. Plus their newer ships feature amazing entertainment venues like laser tag arenas or even bowling alleys!


With Norwegian Cruise Line you don't always know what you'll get—their cabins vary widely in terms of size and amenities depending on what type you book (and where).

When it comes down to it, choosing a cruise line that fits your needs as a couple ultimately comes down to personal preference—so take some time to research all your options before making any decisions! All five cruise lines offer something unique that could make them a great choice; whether it's exciting activities or luxurious accommodations! Ultimately though remember that no matter which one you choose it should be tailored specifically towards what both you and your partner will enjoy most when out exploring new places together at sea. At Luxwell Travels, we get to know you and find out which cruise line best suits you best. Happy sailing!




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